Micro datacenters at the ultra local edge of fixed and mobile network infrastructure in Europe 

EdgeInfra provides neutral micro-datacenter and colocation services at the ultra local edge of network and mobile infrastructure in Europe. We create local edge interconnection and colocation micro eco-systems for content, platforms and network operators in places where our customers need them. Much as our founders have done at a macro scale in the past, the future now is to the ultra local edge.

Our micro-datacenters will be the ultimate solution for edge computing, storage & interconnection for content distribution and data-processing nearest to the user or IoT as well as edge processing for traffic & mobility, gaming, digital health and smart city platforms as well as AI & AR/VR applications.

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With consumers and businesses using more and more data intensive applications and IoT platforms generating huge amounts of data that has to be processed and stored the need for widely distributed and local datacenters close to the edge evolves.

New architectures are being developed in telecommunications and mobile networking, in content distribution and federation tools between core cloud platforms and edge deployments evolve.

We  feel the edge exists of a multitude of instances each different but existing of similar eco-system players that include mobile and fixed networks, content, cloud and Internet service providers, IoT and application platforms and enterprises.  Other players in the eco-system include fiber and cell tower providers and land owners  as well as internet exchange, cloud access providers to the central cloud datacenters. 

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