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Trusted industry professionals committed to building innovative edge infrastructure solutions for our digitally enabled lives.

EdgeInfra's founders are Cara Mascini & Job Witteman. Cara and Job have worked together in several companies in telecom, media and Internet for over 20 years, most significant of which at AMS-IX, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. 

They are joined by Joost Goderie and Jörg Buesink in EdgeInfra Management, both experienced entrepreneurs in digital Infrastructure. 

Cara Mascini - Co - founder 

Cara is a seasoned business executive,  before founding EdgeInfra she had various executive roles in marketing, product management and innovation with Eurofiber, Ziggo/Liberty Global and earlier Orange.  She was Chief Marketing Officer for 10 years at AMS-IX. Prior to this she spent several years in management consulting in the telecommunications industry.

Cara holds a a dual degree MBA from TIAS University & Bradford School of Management and an engineering degree in Computer Science  & Telecommunications from polytechnic University of Utrecht.

Job Witteman - Co - founder 

Prior to founding EdgeInfra Job was founder & CEO of the AMS-IX Company. In that capacity he was also one of the founders of Euro-IX in 2002 and co-founder of DINL in 2015; the Association of the Digital Infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Before he formed the AMS-IX company in 2000, he was a founding board member of the AMS-IX Association 1997.  Job held various positions at Orange, Global One and UPC/Liberty Global  in IP infrastructure and product development.  He was also member of the Amsterdam Economic Board and serves on the board of a number of industry relevant companies. Job holds a masters degree in Computational Linguistics from Amsterdam University.

Joost Goderie - Co - owner

With 20 years of experience in various positions in the telecom industry, Joost Goderie has extensive knowledge of strategy, communication infrastructure, M&A and private equity. In 2008, Joost and two partners initiated the Rabo Bouwfonds Communication Infrastructure Fund (CIF) and developed that in a successful infrastructure investment fund. In 1999, Joost  co- founded Eurofiber, a prominent fiber optic communication provider, he served as CFO and CEO from 1999 to 2007. He successfully sold Eurofiber to Reggeborgh Group in 2006. Before that, Joost has worked for Newskies Satellites, McKinsey and Shell. Joost Goderie has a degree in Business Administration and a post-graduate degree in controlling.

Jörg Buesink - Co - owner 

Before joining Edgeinfra Jörg founded Inetzero, a company focussed on delivering online technical training and consultancy. In that capacity Jörg has held interim positions in network engineering and architecture at amongst others: Eurofiber, Surfnet, Liberty Global and Telindus Belgacom. Jörg holds a number of Juniper Networks and Cisco expert level certifications and received Emeritus status. Jörg is Juniper JNCIE lab exam proctor, content advisory board member and author since 2009. 


To make all parts of edge infrastructure work it is important that neutral players bring everybody together


All successful infrastructures thrive with the development of many different parties as part of the whole 


We strongly belief that edge infrastructure needs places where parties have a neutral ground to meet each other   


Specialism of all parties involved will make for a better edge infrastructure 


Building a community of people and businesses that together define how edge evolves 

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