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EdgeInfra start-up selected by Telecom Infra Project 

11- 08-2020,  Amsterdam

The Telecom Infra Project has selected EdgeInfra to become part of the TIP Ecosystem Accelerator Center (TEAC) cohort of 5 start-ups out of 120. Deutsche Telekom is the driver of the TEAC Germany project in collaboration with other TIP members. Our project will focus on edge development , of course !  


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Edge & the virtualisation of networks - Video Interview

07-04-2019,  Amsterdam

Our CEO Cara Mascini talks with Data Economy Frontline’s João Marques Lima to discuss her thoughts on the issue, how edge computing ties in with the modernisation and virtualisation of the (mobile) network.    


Innovation of datacenter technology    

28-01-2019, Amsterdam 

EdgeInfra hosted the innovation and technology development track at kickstart Europe:  Datacenter virtualization, digital twinning and  the lateste power & cooling tech.   


Link to TowerXchange Meetup Europe 

Cell Tower discussions @TowerXchangeMeetup Europe  

09-04-2019, London 

We are happy to attend and speak at the TowerXchange Meetup Europe. The panel Cara Mascini is in discussed the convergence of infrastructure related to 5G developments and edge.    


Our CEO in panel at the very first Edge Europe Congress

31-01-2019, Amsterdam 

Our CEO Cara Mascini joined the panel chaired by Oliver Johnson of Point-topic with CenturyLink's Wilfried Dudink and Lambis Lytsikas of Tata discussing on how edge infrastructure will evolve; by evolution or revolution.   


Start the year with Edge conversations @ Kickstart Europe

15-01-2019, Amsterdam 

The second edition of Kickstart Europe brought together the fiber, datacenter and general telecoms & internet executives together with capital finance and a handful of vendors. For us a good start of the year! Thanks to Stijn Grove for organizing this unique event.  

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Link to Capacity Europe Innovation series 

EdgeInfra selected for Innovation series

09-10-2018, London 

During Capacity Media's Europe conference a selected few companies will be able to present their new innovations. EdgeInfra was selected as innovative start-up to address hundreds of industry participants.  

Communication Tower

Link to the full interview here. 

First movers to the edge according to TowerXchange

01-10-2018, Amsterdam 

EdgeInfra was named as Europe's first movers in edge datacenters on the TowerXchange platform by Kieron Osmotherly. 

The interview dived into what is needed to build a network of micro datacenters all over Europe.    

Giving a Speech

Article on Metro Connect Capacity Media 

MetroConnect panel

13-09-2018, Amsterdam 

Cara steps in at the IoT & cloud panel discussing how infrastructures need to evolve towards 5G and edge. 

Metro Connect Europe is an annual meeting for leaders of the communications infrastructure industry.



Shaking Hands


EdgeInfra founded in Amsterdam

August 2018 

28-08-2018, Amsterdam 

Cara Mascini & Job Witteman found EdgeInfra B.V. headquartered in the centre of Amsterdam.