Content & Cloud providers 

Customer experience is all about low-latency, high volumes and interactivity. To provide the best performance at the lowest cost is having your content as close to the edge of infrastructure as possible, preferably ultra local.

The EdgeInfra micro datacenter and interconnection solutions will enhance your architecture.   

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IoT & Application platforms 

Whether it is autonomous driving, virtual or augmented reality, smart farming, cities or industry, it is al about being close to the end-user, machine or thing. Your service is about local relevancy, fast processing and the best customer experience possible. All this means that you have to store or process , ultra local as close to the edge of infrastructure as possible.

Micro datacenter and edge interconnection offer you the solution for your edge infrastructure. 

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Need a widely distributed architecture or a ultra local solution?  EdgeInfra's micro datacenters are similarly designed as the large centralised cloud datacenters with multiple layers of security, quality processes & systems and high-end performance.    

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Mobile Operators

Edge solutions as part of your own portfolio, offering to your enterprise and IoT platform customers. Or need edge storage, processing or interconnection for own 5G or LTE infrastructure use. EdgeInfra's product lines make it all possible. 


Internet Service Providers

Now edge interconnection is possible, as is ultra local housing of networking, storage or processing gear. Find out more about our solutions.   

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Real Estate Owners 

Increase the value of your property by adding secure and high-end edge infrastructure offering your tenants state of the art technology solutions. Increase your revenues and enhance customer loyalty . Lead times and requirements are minimal, as is environmental impact.